Sara Ramone

by The Dumbgums

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Sara Ramone, she's a true rock n' roller
All the cool bands they know her
The music's in her soul oh yeah

She's gettin' dolled up for Joey
'Cause he's her one and only
When her heart feels lonely yeah

When I hear Dee Dee's bass guitar
That's when I think of her oh yeah
Sara Ramone

Sara Ramone, listenin' to her new records
She says that it doesn't get better
That's why I can't forget her yeah

She's wearin' her own creations
Sendin' out good vibrations
Like my favorite rock n' roll station yeah

When I hear Johnny play guitar
That's when I think of her oh yeah
Sara Ramone

Late at night she's writing down her favorite songs
When will she hit it big? It won't be long, won't be long


released August 6, 2013
written by The Dumbgums
mixed and mastered by Carter Felder



all rights reserved


The Dumbgums

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